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Earthy tone with terracotta wedding invitations

Weddings are no longer those all-white events with simple and neutral color palettes. Now couples are getting creative and adventurous with their color scheme, adding warm earthy tones like terracotta, combined with neutral colors such as ivory, sage, peach, and blush. Other natural elements that can enhance the beauty of terracotta, wood, and clay are great examples. 

If you are in for some terracotta wedding colors, finding the right wedding invitation is the best place to start. Paperlust offers you many options for your terracotta wedding invitations. We are certain you can find a design that suits your celebration's whole vibe and adds a hint of your personality. Consider while browsing our designs the many opportunities we offer to personalize each. For example, you can change the wording and choose the paper and envelope. You can also choose the print type that better suits your needs, from our affordable digital printing to the luxurious foil finish. 

Terracotta wedding colors are suitable for spring, summer, and fall weddings. It all depends on the colors and materials you choose to combine it with. A spring wedding with peach, ivory, and yellow colors would be amazing. For summer, you can incorporate hot pink, blush, and greenery. And during fall, add burnt orange, bright orange, bronze, and burgundy. And suppose you don't find a terracotta wedding invitation that fills your expectations. In that case, our design team is available to work on a unique design. If any question arises during the ordering process, you can also reach our customer service team and find all the answers.