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Stunning combination of sunflower and rose wedding invitations by Paperlust

Flowers have always been a big part of weddings, whether through the bride's bouquet, the table centerpieces, invitations, or decoration in general. And although flowers are now a classic item in weddings, there are always new ways to combine hundreds of different flowers, colors, and ways to arrange them, so you can always find new ways to bring flowers into your wedding.

It's never a bad idea to use flowers for any aspect of your wedding, especially your wedding invitations. Still, it can be overwhelming to choose what flowers to use for your invitations or what colors and how to combine them. A great idea is to use two of the most popular flowers for weddings and in general: sunflowers and roses. You might think that these don't go together, but it's just about finding the right colors for your roses to go with the sunflowers.

Roses and sunflowers can go well together if the roses are red, contrasting with sunflowers' rich, deep yellow. This combination is an amazing choice for your wedding invitations, and it can go well with different backgrounds, especially neutral or white, or off-white ones. Still, you can also mix it up and go rustic with a wooden-like background on your invitations.

Sunflower and rose wedding invitations are great for rustic weddings, casual settings, or even picnic-themed weddings. Still, you can always find a different way to make sunflower and rose invitations fit into your wedding theme. This theme for your wedding invitations can also be great if your wedding is during springtime or fall.

When planning a sunflower and rose-themed wedding, you can browse through the range of invitation designs available for purchase here on Paperlust, where you can find the perfect design for the wedding of your dreams.