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Starry Night Wedding Invitations for romantic vibes

Isn't it so romantic to stay up at night with someone you love to look up to the night sky full of stars? Feeling marveled when staring into the infinity of space and its beautiful stars is something universal for humans. Many couples want to represent that feeling of awe and mystery in their wedding decoration.

Weddings inspired in the starry night often include dark colors like deep blues and black tones, with a lot of small lights and crystals that resemble the stars that fill up the night sky. This starry night wedding theme can and should be represented in your wedding invitations, too, with a gorgeous background that looks just like the beautiful starry nights that we all look up to at night.

A starry night wedding invitation consists of a dark background, often black or very dark blue, with dots or small stars in different bright colors like white. Still, many designs can use other colors like golden or even silver, depending on the kind of look you're going for. You can also have constellations and different sizes of stars and even include other elements like the moon or the sun, and maybe change up a little the color of the sky.

Ordering your starry night wedding invitations on Paperlust is an easy process, and you'll find a wide variety of designs you can purchase now and order later if your wedding day isn't near yet. When ordering from our page, you can also get free premium white envelopes to send your invitations in.