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Shop Star Wedding Invitations & Moon and Star Wedding Invitations by Paperlust

Imagine your wedding reception if, instead of fairy lights or flowers for decorations, you use stars in every corner. The venue would be filled with an endless supply that twinkles back at onlookers--as though they were the only thing keeping time before us! A dress could have a sparkling effect by incorporating fabric made from different metals like silver and gold, threading together beautifully on black lace-like cloth to create an intricate design reminiscent of starry nights far away.

Paperlust's wide variety of designs includes star wedding invitations. Midnight blue is a classic choice that goes well with white ink, real foil or metallic prints if you want to have an elegant and formal event.

Weddings are a big occasion, and weddings with lighter tones can help to create an elegant, summery vibe. If you are going for a star theme, the small details should be highlighted to incorporate stars as well as those that contrast against them for better visual aesthetics. Digital printing is great if you're looking for something more simple but letterpress has no comparison when it comes down right traditional style!

In addition, to customize the information of your invitation, you can change the font, size and remove elements you do not need. You can also add a custom backside if you need to communicate more information to your guests. Paperlust ships worldwide, and when your order ships, it will only take 2 to 4 business days to arrive.