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Star Wedding Invitations

When you want romance to be the main theme of your wedding, what can be more romantic than incorporating stars into your design? Think about the many possibilities your wedding reception can feature, for example, fairy lights all over the venue, as if they were stars. Your wedding dress could also have a sparkly effect if you incorporate the right fabric. 

Paperlust has a wide variety of designs for your wedding invitations, and you can start by selecting the colors that accommodate your style. If you plan to have a formal and classic wedding, go for a stylish midnight blue along with white ink, real foil, or metallic print. 

Daytime or casual weddings should have lighter tones, perhaps a light blue or even white. And small details with stars design in a contrasting color. Digital printing can be your ally if you seek a simple and beautiful design; for a vintage style, the traditional letterpress printing has no comparison. 

In addition, to customize the information of your invitation, you can change the font, size and remove elements you do not need. You can also add a custom backside if you need to communicate more information to your guests. Paperlust ships worldwide, and when your order ships, it will only take 2 to 4 business days to arrive. 


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