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Spring wedding invitations to suit your season theme

When planning their wedding and choosing a date, most couples usually go for the summertime because it's what is traditionally done, and they miss out on all the benefits a wedding in a different season can have. Spring is a great season for your wedding to take place, especially if you live in a place with really hot summers, where spring brings mild and nice weather.

The benefits of having a spring wedding are about the weather and the price of venues and other wedding services that get cheaper during low seasons like spring. You also have an advantage in decoration styles since spring is all about blooming flowers and nature coming to life. This kind of style is something you can implement in your wedding decoration and your wedding invitations.

A spring wedding invitation can look differently depending on the style each couple is going for, but a few key stylistic elements are common in spring weddings. Background colors usually revolve around pastel tones, especially greens and white/ivory too. There is also a heavy presence of flowers and plants, especially wildflowers and a variety of foliage, sometimes just outlined on the edges of the invitation or colored in a watercolor fashion. Fonts can be very casual or elaborate, in whatever color goes with your background.

There are several different invitations designs you can personalize on Paperlust that fit into the spring wedding style; browse through all of our designs and find the one that fits your style the most and get it customized to fit your exact needs.