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Personalize shine wedding invitations in mintues

When you are planning a formal wedding, the first thought that comes to your mind is how to transmit the overall style of your celebration to your guests so they can dress accordingly and have an idea of the décor without giving many details out. When you choose Paperlust shine wedding invitations, you solve the problem easily. 

Weddings with a shine theme are most likely to have neutral tones within their color palette, but don't let tradition stop you because you can make it extra interesting by including a deep tone of green, blue, burgundy, and why not black? Keep your tables full of elegance by adding some candles, metallic details such as gold rim glassware or floral vases, and lush florals to top it all off. 

Your formal and timeless celebration will probably have a three-course dinner and white or black-tie dress code, and your wedding invitations can communicate all the details. Make sure you order them timely to mail them at least four weeks before the big day. Browse through the many designs we offer for you and find out which print type suits your wedding better. 

Flat foil is one of the favorites for elegant and classy shine wedding invitations. A combination with letterpress might be suitable for your formal and classic wedding. And if you are looking for a budget-friendly option, digital print is the ideal alternative. 

To personalize the design, you can change some of the elements with the Paperlust design tool, where you can add details about your wedding, such as the date, location, time, and dress code. You can also resize, drag, and even drop some elements. You can also change font and color. If you require bigger changes to a current design, there is always the option to work closely with one of our designers and create a unique wedding invitation. 

But options to personalize don't stop there because you can choose the paper type for the invitation, for your envelope, pick a standard envelope liner or create a custom liner. And if you want things to be easier, you can even request addresses printed on each envelope.