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Wedding Invitations San Diego

A southern California city that features a 70 miles coastline filled with beautiful beaches, yearlong perfect weather, and a privileged location that allows you to visit another country within a 30 minutes drive. 

San Diego is a multicultural region with a busy downtown and a laidback, friendly population. We can understand why you are planning your wedding at this amazing location. Venues range from indoor hotel ballrooms to rooftops, waterfront resorts, beachfront hotels, and even winery-inspired locations. 

Your wedding invitations must align with the concept you are planning for your big day. Luckily Paperlust covers all the styles and aesthetics you can imagine. A simple design with a clear background combined with a metallic print type or delicate floral details will suit the modern couple nicely. A traditional wedding invitation could feature lace details, calligraphy font, or a letterpress print type. If your inspiration comes from the beautiful beach sunsets, incorporate warm tones, palm trees, and even watercolor designs.