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Royal Wedding Inspired Invitations

It’s been a long time since the monarchy of any country has had a significant impact on the day to day workings of a country, however, as public figures they continue to hold our fascination. When it comes to their weddings, even the most cynical realist is often drawn into being interested in the event. The idea of royal weddings tap into that childish fairytale idea of princes and princesses and happy endings. And whilst celebrities may be more well known than most royal family members, their weddings can still be private affairs whilst royals are public figures and the broadcasting of each part of their wedding is planned well ahead. There may be very few royals left for the public to fantasise about marrying but that doesn’t stop people from having their own royal weddings. Weddings which already involve lots of extended family and big guests lists are perfectly suited to being held in those giant, imposing venues like cathedrals and ballrooms. Couples can arrange for a horse and carriage to transport them away from the church for that fairytale alternative to a car. They can go for intricate detailing and premium thick cardstocks to make their invites look more like royal wedding invitations. Some couples like to have a monogram of their initials or a coat of arms designed to feature throughout their wedding. For that extra touch, this monogram can even be made into a seal to be used with wax which really takes normal invites into royal wedding invitation territory.