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Invite the guests in style with royal blue wedding invitations

Monochromatic wedding themes are very popular nowadays, and it saves you much time because there is no need to find the right color to match your entire wedding. And when you are a practical person, you cannot go wrong with royal blue. Pair it with a neutral white, ivory, black, or blush, and you are all set. 

When you find the right design in Paperlust for your royal blue wedding invitations, it is time to customize them and add the details of your celebration. From your initials or names to the address, date, and time. You can also drag and drop some elements using the editing tool. There is always a special request available for bigger changes, and to create a unique design request a custom order. 

The variety of envelopes is amazing, too; choose from many different paper types and colors, you can even add a custom liner. Free white premium envelopes are available too, and Paperlust can print the recipient and return to address to make things easier for you.