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Royal Blue and Silver Wedding Invitations

Picture a winter wonderland wedding with royal blue and silver all over the place, an elegant charger plate, beautiful centerpieces on each table, a royal blue tablecloth, and silver details such as the menu and cloth napkin. 

Your wedding can be a dream come true, and with Paperlust royal blue and silver wedding invitations, you can let your guests know the formality and color palette of your celebration. Browse through our many designs and find one that suits you, customize the wording with the editing tool, add a map with a special request, and change more elements by adding a custom request. 

And when you order 3 items, you get a 15% discount, so make sure you include matching menus, save the date cards, and even thank you cards. Plus, you can save even more with free white premium envelopes, so you don't have to worry about your wedding budget.