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Renaissance Wedding Invitations

Renaissance is a period in history that marked the start of the modern world, and it is the inspiration behind many architectural and artistic movements. It is also inspirational for many couples that take it as a theme for their weddings. 

Weddings with renaissance thematic are very royal and lavish. The decoration features long tables with many seats, taper candles, and many metallic objects, along with lush florals in deep and rich tones. Bride and groom attires should also reflect the beauty of this unique Epoque, a wedding dress with long sleeves and intricate details along with the skirt, combined with beautiful accessories. 

Paperlust can help you with wedding invitations that have as much meaning and details as your entire wedding. Start by choosing a design that suits your style. Deep and rich shades of blue, green, and burgundy, combined with gold or copper, are some of the most representative of this era. 

Once you find the winning design, it is time to get into the details and customize the information, adding all the details of your event. Since you are taking inspiration from those times, you should match the wording to pay tribute to the renaissance. Keep your wording formal and even royal. 

When choosing the printing type, choose one that suits all your needs. For example, if you want a luxurious and bright finish for your letters or certain design details, real foil is the right choice. For those who want a bit of shine without being too much, metallic print does it perfectly with a subtle shine. 

Ordering your wedding invitations online can save you much trouble, from time to money. Paperlust ships globally, and your order will have free shipping if it is over $300.00 USD. Once your order is ready to ship, it will only take 2 to 4 days to arrive at your door.