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Red And Silver Wedding Invitations

Red and silver is an uncommon combination for many of us but an extremely popular one within many cultures. If you are hosting a cultural wedding vibrant red and shiny silver element will suit perfectly. Indian, Chinese, and Arabic couples are an example of the couples who might love this aesthetic. 

Paperlust has a diverse selection of designs to suit every wedding theme; once you find the ideal, it is time to select the printing type you prefer. To create a magnificent shiny finish for your silver elements, real foil is the best option. A specialty printing that uses heat, pressure, and metallic pigment. For a subtle spark, metallic printing is an alternative because you can have a hint of shine in a metallic tone without the cost and bling of real foil. 

When you finish selecting the design and print type, you can customize the wording and all elements of your wedding invitation. You can change the font and letter size and add special requests to personalize it even more.