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Amazing ideas for your special day with pretty wedding invitations.

Most wedding invitations tend to be boring, a plain piece of paper with some information and perhaps a calligraphy font as the main characteristic. But did you know there are many opportunities to turn your regular wedding invitations into a pretty piece that wows your guests? And most importantly, did you know you can order your wedding invitations from the comfort of your home any time you wish? Paperlust is possible because you can order online and customize your wedding invitations to fit your needs and budget. 

 Pretty wedding invitations can be as colorful or minimalistic as you wish them to be but make no mistake, they won't be boring. When you browse through our pretty wedding invitations, you will find floral details, greenery, landscapes, and beautiful colored backgrounds. The versatility of pretty wedding invitations allows you to adapt the term to your vision. 

When you find your pretty wedding invitations, you will be a couple of steps away from getting your dream invitations in the comfort of your home. With our editing tool, you can customize the wording of each design and adjust the information and formality. You can also upload photos, change elements, and colors if you wish by adding a special request. After all the changes are done, it is time to send it to our team, and once you review and approve the design, we will start working on it. Production time depends on the print type you choose and lasts 3-17 days.