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Postcard Wedding Invitations by Paperlust

Wedding invites are becoming more and more creative as the formal traditions of how they should be worded fall away and social media has allowed us to see every possible option available. Of all the different formats, wedding invitation postcards are a great option for those who want to nod to the tradition of a physically posted invite, but want to bring some of their own personality to it. Postcard style wedding invitations can be a great cost saving option as postcards are designed to be sent as single cards and therefore there is no need for a wedding suite of multiple cards and envelopes. The picture side of the postcard can also be a great way for the couple to incorporate a picture of themselves or of the location where the wedding is to be held. They also have a great nostalgic quality, harking back to the days when postcards were commonly sent as proof of a vacation. Taking modern photos for photo wedding invitations and making them look like vintage postcard wedding invitations will transport all your guests to this time. For those who perhaps aren’t comfortable with all their information being visible as it goes through the mail, incorporating this trend with a standard invitation and a rsvp postcard in the envelope is another option.