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There are special circumstances that could force a couple to perform a ceremony without a celebration. A military call or a medical emergency from a close relative could prevent them from being present at your ceremony. Other examples are having a private and intimate ceremony that you could not share with the rest of your friends. Or choosing to elope, perhaps you had an amazing ceremony, and now you want to share the news with your close ones. 

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No matter the reason, there is always the option to host a post-wedding reception. Since it is a special occasion, you should have personalized post wedding reception invitations. Ordering them online has become the easiest and safe way to do it. You get to choose from many designs, customize the wording, upload a photo, and even add a filter.

Keep in mind mentioning and honoring the host's name in your wedding celebration invitations, sometimes your bridal party organizes it, or your parents, the first lines of the invitation should be for them. After you can add the parent's names, names of the couple, request assistance, and all the reception details, remember to send them at least four weeks before the event. 

You are free to choose the formality of your event. Some couples want to host an elegant post-wedding reception with decoration and catering service. Others might prefer a relaxed gathering hosted in their home. Choose a theme or palette for your decoration. Even if it is a simple celebration, you can add little details like fresh flowers or tablecloths. Your wedding invitations can also reflect the style you prefer.