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Polka Dot Wedding Invitations

Polka dot is a design commonly associated with kids or cartoons, but you can incorporate the theme stylishly and elegantly if you combine the right elements and colors. It is a theme suitable for any season of the year, and you can adapt it to the formality of your wedding. 

Black and white polka dot is a classic, and you can also combine white dots with any color for a spring or summer wedding. And if you want to host a luxurious gathering, prefer a dark stock color and metallic polka dots. Paperlust offers many designs and the opportunity to create a new one with a custom order. 

Ordering online will allow you to customize every detail of your wedding invitations. You can change the wording, modify the font and letter size, and eliminate any element you do not need. When you submit your order, it will take 10 days for your invitations to ship. Paperlust ships worldwide and offers free shipping on any order over $300.00.