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Pink and Gold Wedding Invitations

Does anything say princess like blushing pink and glittery gold? Select pink and gold wedding invitations to kick off your magical day. Whether it’s a fairytale theme with light pink and gold wedding invitations or a glam theme with hot pink and gold wedding invitations, there are many ways to interpret this colour combo. Pink and gold vintage wedding invitations will be the perfect introduction to your shabby chic or retro day or you could be looking to match your bridesmaid dresses or decor.

If you love seeing people dressed to impress and are shopping for formal wedding invitations, pink and gold foil wedding invitations can take your stationery to the next level. Likewise, letterpress wedding invitations in pink and gold add a level of formality to the ceremony and reception. For formal blush pink and gold wedding invitations, we can provide tips for formal wedding invitation wording to ensure a consistent tone for your stationery.

Why stop at just the wedding day? With Paperlust you can also customise pink and gold wedding shower invitations to kick off your elegant theme. Browse our collection of wedding invitations in gold and pink to find your perfect match!