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The photography collection of our beautiful wedding cards, wedding stationery and invites.

Papel Picado Wedding Invitations

Festive themes for weddings are wonderful. They are uncommon and, at the same time, so familiar. Papel Picado is a decorative handmade craft where elaborated designs are cut into thin colorful paper. It is mainly known for being the decoration of celebrations like Dia de Muertos. 

But papel picado can be used in many other festivities, such as your wedding day. Colorful banners hanging from your venue or waiting for you to step out of your ceremony would look amazing. You can incorporate them in many colors or stick to a particular one. 

Your wedding invitations will look unique. Choose your favorite design with a delicate banner or the whole invitation as a piece of paper picado. Everyone will be excited to attend a real fiesta. Suppose your wedding date is near a specific celebration like Cinco de Mayo or Dia de Muertos. In that case, you should incorporate some extra details into your celebration, Mexican food, tequila cocktails, and Mexican sweets. 

Most of the time, Papel Picado is related to casual and colorful gatherings, but you can make it as formal as you wish by choosing sober tones or a metallic finish. Dark stock and foil or white ink will make your invitations classy and elegant. But if you are throwing a real fiesta, stick to digital printing, an affordable option with high-quality results. And if you do not find the right design for your wedding invitation, you can always make a special request and create one from scratch. 


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