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Pakistani Wedding Invitations

Pakistani weddings are filled with meaningful details and ancient traditions. Coupes attend many celebrations during a couple of days, and some involve all the guests, and others are more private and only include close family. Organizing a traditional Pakistani wedding is the perfect opportunity to gather friends and family in a celebration of love. 

Pakistani weddings are luxurious and colorful; they incorporate many metallic elements along with bright and bold colors. You can expect a bride to wear red since it is a tradition that symbolizes passion and love. When you set the date of your celebration, it is time to think about your wedding invitations

Let your guests know the formality of your wedding and the dress code. While many might think they should wear a specific attire, let them know it is fine if they prefer to wear a modern outfit, just provide guidelines regarding length and colors. And if you have enthusiastic guests that wish to experience your culture, encourage them to wear embroidery or traditional banarsi dress and sarees. 

Match the theme of your wedding to the aesthetic of your invitation cards. Paperlust offers a variety of designs to suit your style. And luxurious finishes like real foil, a sophisticated and specialized process that combines heat, pressure, and metallic pigment to provide a shine like no other.