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Oaktree Wedding Invitations

The mighty oak tree has been a symbol of strength, knowledge, and resistance. It is also associated with nobility, wisdom, and honor. No wonder why many couples want to add a beautiful oak tree to their wedding invitations. 

Oak trees are many times witness of ceremonies; they are the ideal background for an outdoor wedding. Some families have them in their properties and become part of the memories they build. The special meaning of such an impressive tree is incomparable.

A rustic and relaxed wedding is the ideal setting for an oak tree-inspired decoration; if your ceremony happens beneath one, you are in for some magical wedding pictures. Your wedding invitations can also have oak trees as a focus element.  

Start by choosing the color palette of your event. Earthy tones look beautiful with tree designs. Imagine an ivory background with a majestic oak tree in a darker tone. Choose the printing type of your preference, letterpress for classic and old school invitations, digital printing if you like the design as it is and do not need any metallic element. Real foil or metallic print will make your invitations stand out with a touch of sparkle.