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New Orleans Wedding Invitations

New Orleans is a city that combines European architecture and ambiance with jazz and unique traditions. Planning a New Orleans wedding is a dream come true. You can say I do on a riverboat, host an elegant reception in one of the many wedding venues at the French quarters, and even lead your parade with a brass band to entertain your guests. 

Possibilities are endless in this unique city that offers traditions like its many festivals, a world-known cuisine, and rich culture. It is a popular location for destination weddings; you can find many historical buildings that serve as wedding venues and modern and luxurious resorts.  

Your wedding style can take inspiration from the French quarters' romantic and vintage atmosphere, the vibrant and deep colors that characterize Mardi Gras, or the famous jazz scene. Choose from the many styles Paperlust offers for your wedding invitations. A colorful watercolor background or a floral design can suit your parade-inspired reception perfectly. For a classic wedding, choose a black and white design with clean lines. 

When you customize your wedding invitations, keep in mind your event's formality while choosing your words. Start by writing the couple names, continue with a request of attendance, followed by your ceremony and reception details. If you want to be more traditional, you can add the names of your parents too.