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Nerdy Wedding Invitations

The word nerd might have been a pejorative in the past but many are proudly adopting it for its true meaning, to be a nerd often means loving something niche with a devotion that many people deem silly, but is actually incredibly meaningful. Usually this is a work of fiction that transports this person away from real life and it is unsurprising that people who feel nerdy about something will seek out partners that share that feeling. And with the occasion of a wedding to celebrate the love between the couple, they will often take it as an opportunity to also celebrate their love of their mutual fandom. Nerdy wedding invitations are usually the couples’ way of alerting their guests to what sort of ceremony it will be, any design references to the fandom celebrated will be present and quotes from that fandom that relate to love are often incorporated. Nerdy weddings are simply chances for a couple to share their love story with a story they both love.