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Navy blue color inspiration for your upcoming wedding.

Have you ever looked at the clear skies or the ocean and felt amazed by the navy-blue color your eyes see? The unbelievable colors nature gifts us every day could be your inspiration in choosing the color palette for your upcoming celebration. And if navy blue is your go-to color, then think no more and have it as the protagonist of your wedding day. 

The versatility of navy-blue weddings is incredible. You can have a nautical, beachy, elegant, or casual celebration while adding hints of blue. Start your wedding plans by defining the overall theme of the big day. Your wedding venue might help in choosing it. A nautical or beach wedding could be best if you have a waterfront location. For a classic wedding venue, you can incorporate a metallic or white tone to the navy blue and make it formal and elegant. 

Once the wedding theme is clear, you can start browsing the options Paperlust offers for navy blue wedding invitations. You will find full navy-blue backgrounds with metallic details and nautical-inspired designs, including waves and anchors. Floral motifs are also available in watercolor styles. In addition to the variety of designs, you may also personalize each by adding your preferred wording, wedding details, and even changing the font and size of some elements. 

Our design team is ready to work alongside you for a higher level of customization. If you have a design or an idea, we can make it happen and print it to your specifications. Printing types can also help you personalize your navy-blue wedding invitations. Our affordable digital print is perfect for you if you want to stay within budget. Suppose you like the classic wedding invitation look. In that case, letterpress is ideal. We recommend foil and metallic prints for couples who are into shiny metallic details.