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Colour combination of navy blue and gold wedding invitations

When planning your wedding, there's a lot of design involves in your outfits, your decoration, and your invitations too. While sometimes it can be fun, it can also be overwhelming with all the options available, so it can be hard to know where to begin. A good starting point is sticking with the classics, those colors, styles, and palettes that don't go out of fashion, and one of these combinations is navy blue and gold.

First, we have golden colors, which go amazingly well with darker shades of both black and blue, so matching this color with navy blue is no surprise. Navy blue is a darker shade of blue that is rather muted and not as vibrant as a royal blue, so it works perfectly with such a vibrant color like golden, and it won't look as cluttered as it would with a more saturated shade of blue. This color combination is great if you stick to something classic while making it fun with the gold accents.

When looking for navy blue and gold wedding invitations, you should take a look at our number of designs available here on Paperlust, which you can personalize for your wedding and even share the designs with friends and family to see what they think.

We know how important it is to take care of the environment here at Paperlust. That's why with your purchase, we will be donating money to plant trees and support environmental sustainability. With our invitations, you're not only getting high quality and quantity for an incredible price, but you're also helping the planet stay clean and beautiful.