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Navy and Coral Wedding Invitations, Navy Blue And Coral Wedding Invitations

Navy and coral wedding invitations are a great way to blend two styles. Whether you’re combining nautical with tropical, winter with spring or even just dark with light, navy blue and coral wedding invitations at Paperlust can be customised in any way suit your taste as a couple. Imagine coral and navy tones for your rustic wedding invitations or destination wedding invitations - anything is possible.

Wedding invitations with navy and coral could be used for a ‘hybrid’ wedding, so to speak. For example, an afternoon garden ceremony followed by a candlelit evening reception in a winery. Shopping for wedding invitations online gives you endless options and the ability to customise any design to your taste. If Navy and Coral isn't your thing, check out our navy and silver wedding invitations. Paperlust offers you an exclusive collection of navy and coral wedding invitations, all by independent artists, so browse to find your ideal stationery set today.