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Music-Themed Wedding Invitations.

Music is an art that surrounds our life, it helps us transmit and communicate our feelings, and it is a universal language that knows no limits or borders. If you are a musician or a big fan of this beautiful art, why not make music the theme of your wedding? 

Musical notes and elements can suit a formal wedding, just like if your guests were to attend to listen to the local orchestra. You can incorporate live music from your ceremony to your reception. A string quartet, a violinist, or perhaps a jazz band. No matter your choice, live music always makes a wedding fun. 

Decoration can be kept simple, with ivory and green tones, some hints of musical notes would look nice on your cloth napkins or place cards. Another way to incorporate musical elements is through your wedding invitations. They can set the tone for your wedding and communicate to everyone the theme of the night. 

Colors like black, white, burgundy, dark green, gold, silver, copper, and dark blue, suit a perfect music-inspired design. To achieve a vintage and classic look, prefer letterpress printing, an old fashion and elegant art that brings elegance to your invitation. If you are searching for a spark of shine, you can combine it with real foil, a sophisticated process that uses heat and pressure along with metallic pigment to provide a shiny finish. 

For couples that look a more conservative design, you can still have elegance and sophistication without any shine. Simply choose a color stock and white ink. Imagine a high-quality black paper with beautiful musical notes in white, along with your initials. Paperlust offers many alternatives to suit every style, and once your order is ready to ship, it only takes 2 to 4 business days to arrive. You will save time and money by ordering from the comfort of your home.