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Movie - Themed Wedding Invitations

Movies are a great source of inspiration for couples who are looking to find the right wedding theme. Everyone has a favorite movie, from all-time classics to space adventures, and your wedding can reflect that style. Some couples even met while watching a movie or started a conversation about one they had in common. Movies can be more than entertainment. They sometimes are part of your love story. 

Paperlust has many movies inspired wedding invites, and if you do not find your favorite, you can always add a special request and personalize them. Customize the wording of your invitations and include all the important information regarding your ceremony and reception. 

Choose from many printing types, such as digital printing or the classic letterpress that adds a vintage feel to your wedding invitations. For a royal and shiny look, real foil is for you. No matter the style you prefer, Paperlust has an alternative to suit your needs.