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Mint Wedding Invitations

Mint wedding invitations carry a sweet and peaceful vibe. They are most suited to spring, autumn, garden, traditional and floral weddings. Whether it’s mint and gold wedding invitations for a classic look (see our formal wedding invitations) or coral and mint wedding invitations for a modern twist, your stationery should not only reflect your personality but also your day’s style. If you are looking for all about a green color, you could see more on this page.

Mint wedding invitations can come in many styles, and here are just a few of our top suggestions:

  • Mint and peach wedding invitations for a traditional day
  • Mint rustic wedding invitations
  • Calligraphy mint and coral wedding invitations
  • Floral mint green and gold wedding invitations (garden wedding)
  • Country style mint wedding invites

Wedding invitations in mint can mean many things so get creative because any design you choose at Paperlust is not only original, but fully customisable. Start browsing today!