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Mauve wedding invitations for your special day

Choosing a theme color for your wedding can be a challenge; after all, there's an infinite amount of colors and different combinations you can use for your wedding, and sometimes you might have a favorite color that is not very wedding friendly. Bold colors are usually not thought of as great colors for weddings, so going for a softer, more muted version of otherwise bold colors is a great way to add some color to your wedding.

One of the colors that have been trending amongst brides is mauve, a very soft and sober color that tends to the purple and violet sides of the color wheel. Mauve is not precisely a pastel or lilac, but a darker, slightly grayer version of these two tones, making it a great choice for an elegant and formal setting like a wedding.

Wedding invitations are usually the first thing your guests will see of your wedding decoration choices, so if you're going for a mauve wedding, you should start setting up this style with mauve wedding invitations. And since mauve is a fairly neutral color, there are many ways this invitation design can go.

When trying to find mauve wedding invitations, you should take a look through the number of designs available here on Paperlust that you can customize and even ask for samples to see the quality of our invites. And if you see a design, you absolutely love, but it doesn't come in that mauve tone you're looking for, you can always try a special request and get that mauve color in that invitation design.