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Shop these earthy inspired Mason jar wedding invitations to easily customize

A mason jar brings instant character to wedding invitations. Combine that with fireflies to make firefly mason jar wedding invitations and it’s just too cute! Whether you’re a southern belle or just love rustic styling, why not kick off your country wedding styling with rustic mason jar wedding invitations?

Sunflower mason jar wedding invitations are perfect for those planning garden or spring weddings. Flowers add such a magical element to weddings and you can weave sunflowers into table decorations and even bridal bouquets (although they may be a little big for boutonnieres). Wedding invitations with a mason jar theme don’t have to be the only mason jars at your wedding. Why not enlist them for the drinks station at your reception, using them as cups or to dispense punch? Mason jars can also be used as decorations and look especially magical with fairy lights or candles. For the organised wedding planner who is buying all your stationery together, you may be searching for mason jar wedding invitations with RSVP cards and mason jar wedding shower invitations. Why not go the whole way with the theme?

If you’re low on cash (we’ve all been there), instead of scouring the internet for free printable mason jar wedding invitations or struggling with a cheap and nasty mason jar wedding invitations template from an unreliable website, check out our cheap mason jar wedding invitations that are completely customisable as well as top quality. Unlike with formal wedding invitations, foil stamped wedding invitations or letterpress wedding invitations, wedding invitations in the mason jar style are meant to be rustic with a handmade feel. Your theme is the perfect excuse to save a few bucks with the wedding stationery. Instead of actually hand making 100 wedding invites, opt for Paperlust’s DIY style mason jar wedding invitations and let us handle the details. You get the look you want - without the hassle!