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Marsala wedding invitations collection

Marsala is a color that has been around for a while now, and although you might not have heard about it by name, more likely than not, you've already seen it somewhere. This color was named the color of the year a few years ago by Pantone, and ever since, has become a symbol of style in fashion and design. It's elegant, versatile, unisex, and universally attractive so that you can use it for many different things in your wedding besides invitations.

The color marsala is a shade of pink that tends towards the darker side of the spectrum and stands between light pink and maroon, which goes well in all sorts of designs, including wedding invitations. This color is named after a variety of wine produced in the Sicilian region of Italy that goes by the same name.

This color is great for wedding invitations because of its versatility. It looks great with both darker and lighter colors of many hues, but especially with darker reds and lighter neutral tones. Black can also work with marsala, creating a great combination.

To find customizable marsala wedding invitations, you can go through our range of options here on Paperlust, where you'll be able to order your invitations online. Customization also applies to different print types and paper types, which you can choose from our options. 

Lastly, you can also add a custom backside to your marsala wedding invitation, so you can add any additional info you want for your invites to include, or maybe a romantic quote or any other extra wording you might want on your invitations besides the main info.