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Marble Wedding Invitations


Marble is a versatile and elegant pattern that has been seen on many wedding invites. Whether it's black or white, you can create your own unique style with this beautiful material!

A five-star hotel function room would be perfect for any event where elegance and class are key factors in decoration; while at home parents might want something more low-key but still special Engaged couples all over love these inspiring patterns so much they'll surely inspire yours too if given an opportunity to try one out first hand before making such important decisions.

If you are still looking for inspiration, marble wedding invitations are among the most popular designs among couples. It is a classic pattern that perfectly suits a semiformal and formal wedding. Since it is such a neutral design, you can complement it with the color of your preference and even add metallic details. 

You can have marble tables or mirrored tables with marble floral vases to add a touch of sophistication to your wedding reception. Combine them with metallic tones for your candle holders. Adding tapered or block candles to a table helps you create a warm and cozy atmosphere. Keep in mind the many natural tones of marble, from the classic ivory to the luxurious black. Get inspired by nature and create a unique wedding theme.