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Wedding Invitations Long Island

A popular island located in the southeastern region of New York State, Long Island weddings are unique. You can find secluded and elegant properties along the Gold Coast that will transport you to the 1920s. Outdoor weddings are ideal for enjoying the landscape. 

If you are hosting a 1920s or Great Gatsby wedding reception inspired, you can choose a design for your wedding invitations that incorporates a dark color stock and metallic details. Add Real foil printing for a luxurious and elegant finish. 

The Hamptons offers many wedding venues for a dreamy daytime event. Celebrate your ceremony right in the sand and proceed to a romantic venue. Outdoor tented weddings are very popular in the area. Your invitations should be more romantic for this type of wedding, with light tones, floral designs, and an overall sweet aesthetic. A digital print would be ideal, affordable, and efficient. 

Select your favorite design and personalize every detail, the size, wording, palette, and add any custom request you might have, such as a special foil color. Paperlust ships worldwide, and you will receive your order within 2-4 business days once it is ready to ship.