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Inspiring ideas for lavender wedding invitations.

Lavender is a favorite for many couples, a beautiful flower with a distinctive and calming scent. You can have the flowers all over your ceremony and reception or take inspiration from their beautiful color. If you are looking for some inspiration to order your lavender wedding invitations, we have a couple of ideas that you can even incorporate into your wedding decorations. Remember you should order your wedding invitations as soon as you confirm the location, time, and date of your wedding so you can send them timely around two months before the event. 

If lavender flowers are your favorite, Paperlust has unique designs, including them naturally coming from an edge or alongside a couple of lines. They go perfectly with a casual or semi-formal wedding, even a daytime spring or summer one. A lavender wedding theme can also mean that your main color is that distinctive tone from lavenders. If that is the case, Paperlust has watercolor, floral, and elegant designs. 

Once you browse through our lavender wedding invitations and choose your favorite, it is time to use the editing tool and customize the wording. Here you can add the family names, date, time, location, and dress code of your wedding. You can add a special request if you wish to change other details like the font type, colors, or some elements. And for larger changes to a current design or to print your own design, you can always request a custom order. During the customization process, you can choose the print type you prefer, an affordable digital print or a luxurious foil. 

When you finish customizing your lavender wedding invitations, it is time to choose your envelopes. To keep it simple and affordable, you can always get free premium white envelopes. Suppose you want to make an impression on your guests. In that case, we offer a large variety of paper types and colors for your invitations. Depending on the print type and specifications, your wedding invitations will be ready to ship between 3-17 days. And once they ship, it only takes 2-4 days to come to your door.