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Las Vegas Wedding Invitations

Las Vegas is a city known for its entertaining nightlife, famous casinos, and impressive shows. But mainly for its small chapel weddings with Elvis as an officiant. If you plan to escape to famous Las Vegas and have a unique wedding, or perhaps you want to have a hometown wedding with a Las Vegas theme, you need to start with your wedding invitations. 

Choose the location of your big celebration, perhaps a beautiful hotel, with bright colors and casino elements. Or a classic wedding in the city, you can arrive in a 1950s car and have a little chapel ceremony, followed by a reception with casino tables and plenty of entertainment. 

Now it is time to design your wedding invitation. Ordering online is simple and easy. You can choose the design you prefer and customize the wording adding all the details of your big celebration. Change the font, size, color, and pick your favorite print type. Digital printing is one of the most popular for simple designs, and you will keep the cost low. But we also feature many options to create unique designs that stand out. One of them is real foil, a specialty printing that gives your invitations a sparkle like no other. And for those who enjoy some shine but in a discrete form, we have the metallic pigment that sparks subtly. 

Besides our multiple options of designs for your Las Vegas wedding, you can have a custom order and work with our design team to make it happen. When your order is ready to ship, it will only take 2 to 4 business days to arrive, and if your order is over $300.00 USD, shipping is free. Paperlust is your best option for affordable, high-quality, and unique wedding invitations.