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On-trend jewel tone wedding invitations

Wedding invitations can often be plain or too neutral, without many bold colors, which often can make them seem boring, so bringing color into your wedding invitation is a good idea. But finding the right colors can become an issue in and of itself, so a great idea to use color for your wedding invitations is to use jewel tones. These colors will make your wedding invitations the next level and give them a look you want with just a small amount of them.

Jewel tones are deeply saturated colors, often named after gemstones or jewels, like emerald green, amethyst purple, sapphire blue, ruby red, citrine yellow, and many other colors named after beautiful stones. These types of colors are great as color accents in your wedding decoration and invitations, contrasting with neutral or off-white colors while still preserving a classy and elegant look. They also go well with golden writing on top or small golden embellishments. 

In Paperlust, you'll find many invitation designs that involve jewel tones that you can personalize for your preferences and order online for your wedding without having to step out of your home. Through a simple and easy process, you'll be able to get a large number of invitations for all your guests without spending a lot of money. And when you're trying to decide what invitation design is good for you, you can always share them with family and friends to make sure you're going with the best design possible.