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Informal Wedding Invitations

Not all couples dream about hosting a glamorous wedding with a formal dress code and the classic seated dinner at a traditional venue. And that is completely fine, and each couple should feel free to celebrate their marriage the way they prefer. 

Informal weddings characterize as being less stressful, and they usually happen during the day outdoors. There is a casual or relaxed dress code for the guests, the bride and groom can have a wedding attire, but it probably is more on the casual note than a ball gown and tuxedo. 

Food and drinks are also more casual than usual. Finger food or appetizers might be served along with playful cocktails. Perhaps a buffet-style meal. There is no formal timeline to complete. After the ceremony, the couple and their guests just enjoy time together. 

As informal as your wedding might seem, there is one formality you should not skip, that is sending invitations. Your wedding invitations can be as casual and relaxed as your event. Choose a design to match your wedding decoration, or prefer a minimalistic design. 

Since your wedding will not be formal, your wording should follow that line. Begin with the couple names, friendly ask for attendance, and add details regarding your ceremony and reception location, time, and date. Do not forget to include the dress code. Since most weddings are formal, it would be kind of you to clear up there is no need to dress up.