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Wedding Invitations Hawaii

The Aloha state, as Hawaii is commonly known, is a paradisiac location for a wedding. If you are lucky enough to be a local Hawaiian or you are planning a dreamy destination wedding, you probably already know the many picture-perfect locations for your ceremony. 

Hawaii has it all, crystal-clear sandy beaches, top-of-the-notch resorts, secluded villages surrounded by nature, and even black and red sand beaches. The volcanic origins of these islands provide a unique spectacle and backdrop for your wedding. 

 Make sure your invitations match the Hawaiian vibes, find a design that reflects the atmosphere you want for your wedding. Think about tropical elements, floral inspiration, and even a sea design. The fact that you are hosting a wedding in Hawaii does not translate into a beach wedding. You can still have a luxurious or classic wedding at one of the many available venues in the main islands.

If you are hosting a destination wedding, include important information in your wedding invitations, such as the dress code. And make sure you send them at least eight weeks before the wedding since planning a weekend getaway requires preparation. 

Keep for wording as formal as your wedding. Here are some of the details you should not forget: 

  • Hostnames 

  • Couple names 

  • Ceremony details (date, time, location) 

  • Post ceremony plans details 

  • Dress code 

If you are a local, you can order, choose, customize, and order your wedding invitations at Paperlust and receive your invitations within 2-4 business days. Ordering online is the best option to save time and money.