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Stunning green and gold wedding invitations

Are you looking for a vibrant color but at the same time want to keep your wedding classic and elegant? Well, we have the right color palette for you. Emerald green and gold wedding invitations might be perfect. The theme of your wedding can widely variate from a casual and rustic outdoor wedding near the woods to an elegant indoor ballroom with sparkling chandeliers and lush florals. 

You can add lots of greenery, and beautiful white flowers for your ceremony and reception, a hint of gold can show up in your table settings with gold silverware and floral vases. Your wedding invitations, of course, should go along with the color palette. Paperlust has many options for you to choose from, and you can save 15% when ordering 3 items, such as save the date cards, RSVP cards, or menus. 

We offer custom orders for a unique wedding invitation, and you get to personalize it to the last detail. Customizing the design is easy with the editing tool; you can add your names, initials, venue information, date and time of the ceremony, and much more. If you want a custom back side, you can have it with a special request and different fonts and colors.