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Feather Wedding Invitations

Feathers are delicate elements that you can use on your wedding as inspiration and decoration. They come in all sizes and colors, even different textures. Your centerpieces could also have beautiful feathers to compliment the flowers you choose. No matter the color or style you prefer for your wedding, you can always add feathers. 

A rustic and outdoor wedding could feature feathers if you combine them with natural elements like wood, glass, and flowers. For an elegant and luxurious wedding, add them in tones like white, black, and deep colors such as burgundy, emerald, or blue. Your wedding dress could also include them, with a unique design full of movement. 

For your wedding invitations, possibilities are endless. You can go for a metallic finish to make the feathers look stylish and luxurious. A minimalistic wedding invitation with white stock and black or gray feathers is ideal. You can also create a design from scratch by submitting a special-order request.