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Evening Wedding Invitations

If you are having an evening wedding, your guests are sure to have many questions and it may even be the first time they have been to this kind of ceremony. 

If you are tying the knot at sunset, dusk, or after dark, your wedding invitation will answer your guest's burning questions about how your wedding will be different from a normal wedding or a reception wedding. 

The most common questions are about timing and what to wear. So be sure to include ceremony time and perhaps reception time and your expectations on the dress code. 

A normal wedding will have the ceremony in the daytime with a break or cocktail hour before the evening reception. The ceremony is held at sunset, dusk, or early evening, followed by pre-dinner drinks or goes straight into the reception for an evening wedding. Taking advantage of the golden light at sunset is a wonderful idea. The light is soft and the atmosphere is romantic as the sun goes down and the temperatures cool down. A wedding ceremony at night can also be exquisite and evoke feelings of romance and mystery. Be sure to inform your guests if cameras are allowed. Nothing will ruin the dreamy atmosphere of your nighttime wedding ceremony than a bunch of flashes popping off every few moments. 

An evening reception wedding is for the guests at the ceremony and often additional guests who weren't invited to the ceremony. This is an accepted practice in the UK and guests are happy to be invited to the evening wedding reception if you follow etiquette. There are many reasons for keeping the ceremony exclusive for a smaller group of friends and family, including religion, budget and a desire for an intimate wedding. 

For evening weddings, since there isn't a break between the ceremony and reception, usually everyone is invited to both parts of the wedding. 

Your evening wedding invitation can be casual, cool, or formal. You can be creative with the wording and throw traditional out the limo window if you wish. But, certain info should be included, so guests are well-informed and prepared for your best day ever.

You should include the following on your evening wedding invites:

  • Your names

  • The wedding date

  • The venue name and address (both if ceremony and reception are in different places)

  • The start time of the ceremony

  • The dress code

  • RSVP date

  • The name of who is being invited included if a plus one is allowed if the invite is going to a single person


You might want to include the below details on your wedding evening invitations:

  • Your parent's names if you want to be formal

  • A short message or quote 

  • Basic timing for other formalities

  • Time to arrive for the ceremony

  • Indication if children are invited

  • Your wedding website

  • If cameras are allowed

Are your friends and family notorious for being late? There always seems to be one or two people at a wedding who manage to be late. If that is a concern for you, tell them the ceremony is a little earlier than it actually will be. If guests are slightly early and can enjoy beverages, it will help you remain stress-free and relaxed. If your evening wedding is at sunset, you won't have time to wait for latecomers. 

When it comes to evening wedding invitations wording, you don't need to include a lot of information on the wedding evening invites. Most couples are in regular contact with their wedding guests often in person, on the phone and online so will have ample opportunity to pass on additional info later. Also, gorgeous evening wedding invitations look more stunning with less text, rather than too much writing. 

We have a range of evening reception wedding invites in many stunning styles, designs and fonts. Many can be customized to suit your wedding theme or color palette and we are often adding new designs, so if you don't find your dream evening wedding invitation today, drop back again soon. 

If you are on a tight budget and looking for evening wedding invitations cheap, we recommend our digital designs. Our letterpress, foil and metallic print invitations are easy to fall in love with. Whatever your needs, we hope we have you covered to get those invitations out and start the next step of your wedding planning journey.