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Gem colored emerald green wedding invitations for your special day

 Emeralds have been a precious gem of great value for centuries now, especially because of the vivid shades of green present in these stones that have marveled at people of all places. Because of the beauty of emeralds, artists throughout history have tried to obtain the same pigments of green found in these stones, and some did succeed in their attempts, creating what we now know as emerald green.

Emerald green is loosely defined, but regularly it refers to a green similar to that of an actual emerald, and sometimes this includes lighter and darker shades of this green. This tone is a vivid green-blue, rich and profound, slightly more green than your regular teal, but bluer than olive green. These small subtleties in the tone of emerald green are what make it so unique and precious.

Because of its deepness and vividness, this color is perfect for elegant and bold designs in wedding invitations. You might want a very elegant and classic design, but going with black or other elegant tones might seem boring to you. In that case, you should go for emerald green, which still reflects elegance through its dark and profound tone, but also a very bold and unique choice since it's a green hue.

Suppose you feel like an emerald wedding invitation is the right fit for you. In that case, you will find a wide arrange of designs here at Paperlust that include this gorgeous shade of green, even with the darker shade of this emerald green. If you find a design you're interested in, you can always go ahead and customize it for the unique needs of your wedding. Ordering wedding invitations from Paperlust is simple, and you'll get high-quality invites for a great price.