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Eco Friendly Wedding Invitations | Sustainable Wedding Invitations

Planning a wedding requires a great amount of energy. In many cases, they are not as environmentally conscious as we wish. If you think about it, there are plenty of details you can change from a traditional wedding to avoid contamination and waste of crucial resources. We have some tips for you to plan an eco-friendly wedding without sacrificing much of your vision. 

Start by choosing the right date for your event. Pick a season and month that allows you to enjoy the weather without adding heaters or ac to keep your guests comfortable. Then go to find a venue that doesn't require a large production to look amazing, perhaps one with a carefully trimmed garden, waterfront views, or even an art gallery. If you must include decoration, try to rent as much as possible. Don't use disposable plates or glasses, prefer cloth napkins, and avoid single-use plastics. 

Sometimes centerpieces are necessary, but you can make them from live plants instead of cut flowers. Your guests will enjoy them during your wedding, and once the night ends, they can take the pots home and watch the plants grow, or you can gather them to be part of your garden. The opportunities to make a wedding eco-friendly are endless. For example, you can give a second life to a relative or friend's wedding attire. 

And when it comes to your wedding invitations, Paperlust can help your find the right eco-friendly wedding invitations. We have many designs ready to be part of your sustainable celebration with 100% recyclable materials, use of renewable sources of energy, and use of recyclable packaging. Paperlust also donates to plant a tree in every order to support the environment. If you wish to know more about our actions to be sustainable, you can learn all about it here.