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Digital Wedding Invitations & Online Wedding Invitations

Congratulations on your engagement! So the wedding day is coming up and you’re trying to be a reasonably chilled out bride (the opposite of a bridezilla) but you still want everything to go smoothly. We get it. Out of all your wedding stationery, the wedding invite is the most important, so it’s the best place to start. Select your wedding invite as part of a matching design collection or mix and match styles to create variety for you and your partner around wedding season - it’s your choice. Invitations for your wedding can mean formal wedding invitation cards or a simple black and white wedding invitation to mail out to your nearest and dearest - as long as you stay true to your style. You could use a free wedding invitation template or design your own and get us to digitally print it for you. Making wedding invitations yourself can be one of the best ways to express your personality in your wedding - but why bother with the printing hassle yourself? If you dream of more than just an evite wedding, our beautiful digital printing will bring your design to life and add luxury to your day.


Paperlust Designers

At Paperlust we support Australia’s best creative talent. We provide a platform for up and coming local designers across the country to showcase and sell their work at fair prices. If you’re not into trawling for random wedding invite formats to edit them yourself, you will be pleased to know that all of our designs are original and created with skill and passion (but we still let you edit them yourself!). Browse our ever-growing selection of premium designs to find the one that is perfect for your big day.


What are digital wedding invitations?

The first thing to clarify is that digital invites are not the same thing as a wedding invitation email or weddings e cards. Digital invitations mean wedding invitations using a technique called digital printing, as opposed to another, more complicated print type like letterpress or foil. Shopping online wedding invitations is made so easy by our online design tool and online support team. We are with you every step of the way!


Why not just go an evite?

Have you been searching for digital invitations free online, or wondering how to create a digital invitation free? It seems easier, doesn’t it? And cheaper. But learning how to make a digital invitation requires the right programs, not to mention loads of your time and effort. And at the end of the day, with electronic wedding invitations or even free e invitations you don’t tangibly see what you’ve got to show for it. There’s nothing you can touch, mail or hand out. Tutorials on how to create a digital invitation might seem great in theory, but do you really have that kind of time before your wedding? Things usually take more time, not less, than you first think.

While you can definitely still choose to go for wedding einvitations using a free digital card maker, just make sure you do thorough research before you put in a significant amount of time and effort - or any credit card details. You don’t want to end up ripped off and having to do a rerun.

If you do plan to make a digital invitation or wedding evite, this can be good for overseas or other faraway guests if you are running short on time before your wedding. You could email invitations free and instead of RSVP wedding cards get them to respond via email. If you do this with wedding ecards, make sure you’re clear that they need to provide you with any dietary requirements in the RSVP email. Some people also choose to send save the dates by email while opting for physical print invitations. This is a great choice for people working on a tight budget: nothing can replace a beautiful invitation in your guests’ hands.


Why choose digital wedding invites?

There are so many reasons to choose digital wedding invitations. Here are just a few.

  • More affordable, while still luxury - If you opt for digital print wedding invitations, you can cut down on costs, because digital printing is the cheapest option we offer. But what about the quality, you ask? Because we have a reputation to maintain as professional printers, we use only the highest quality inks on a range of luxurious paper stocks, starting at 300gsm Paperlust Matte and ranging to 380gsm Paperlust Premium. Why compromise when you can get the best of both worlds?
  • More options - Not every style comes in letterpress or can be printed on wood but the great thing about digital print invitations is that you can choose just about any design and we’ll make it a reality. Plus, when you choose digital print wedding invites from Paperlust, you open the door to even more choices: You can print in any colour and use our online design tool to experiment with design edits obligation free. You can even see your design alterations in real time to be sure you’re making the right call. This design tool allows you to change the invitation colours to suit your wedding palette - whether bright yellow with dark purple and light grey accents, or a simple aqua and white theme for a beach wedding, each colour is printed accurately in high quality. 


Can’t I just DIY it?

While working off DIY wedding invite templates or using a wedding invitation card maker free seems great at first (when your mind is full of other ideas of how to use that saved money), those rose coloured glasses can get cracked at the first bump in the road. Free wedding templates using a wedding invitation creator might sound uncomplicated but only if you have a background in design or photography. Otherwise, you may be in for a world of frustration. Once you have customised your wedding card templates, how are you going to print them? Have you done wedding invitations with RSVP cards? They will also need to be cut. It’s sadly not as easy as click, click, done.

If you decide to skip the hassle of printing, you’ve probably decided on evite wedding invitations. Emailing wedding invitations to guests, while cheap and easy, can appear tacky and they risk getting lost in inboxes, while a paper invitation is perched on the fridge as a reminder for months before the big day. The investment of time, effort and money, as well as the risk and stress of your invitations going pear-shaped is probably not worth the money you save by doing it DIY style.

Some benefits of choosing a company with an established reputation:

  • Less work for you
  • One complete quote - no splitting costs several ways then adding up to more than you expected
  • Our designers are fairly compensated so you know your design hasn’t been ripped off some unsuspecting artist
  • Free and secure shipping
  • Complimentary envelopes
  • Online customer support and satisfaction guarantee


Wedding invitation wording

The invites are almost done! The last step - invitation wording. Whether you’re planning on traditional or non traditional wedding invitation wording for your invites, everyone could use a little bit of guidance on such an important occasion. Take a look at our blogs breaking down everything you need to know about wedding invitation wording so that no matter how formal the event is or who is hosting, the invitation will be just right. You won’t get all those options from online wedding invitations made with free templates.


To sum up…

Weddings invitations cards using digital printing is a smart, savvy way to shop for invites. Paperlust is the best place to shop for beautiful, quality invitations and support independent Australian designers at the same time. We know you’ll love our digital print invites as well as our complimentary envelopes and free shipping. Start browsing today to find your perfect digital wedding invitations card that looks great and doesn’t break the bank.