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Desert Wedding Invitations

Weddings are usually related to colorful florals, but you can make your wedding unique by choosing a desert theme. Your decoration could include green, dark yellow, burnt orange, and even pink or violet tones. Cactus and succulents represent very well the desertic theme. 

Your wedding invitations should set the theme; choose one of the beautiful designs Paperlust offers. Light tones of stock and green or black elements, along with a kraft color envelope, will suit well. For a sweet desertic theme, incorporate peach or pink pastel tones. Many cactuses have tiny flowers that stand out from the dark green. 

Once you choose a design that fits your wedding idea, you can customize the invitation by adding your event information, changing the font, resizing elements, or discarding those you do not need. Paperlust ships globally and free on every order over $300.00 USD. You can save time and money by ordering online. 


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