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Desert Wedding Invitations by Paperlust

Weddings have been traditionally characterized by florals, but you can make your wedding unique with a desert theme. Your decoration could include green, dark yellow, burnt orange and even pink or violet tones to represent the desertic theme well. Cactus and succulents are great for representing this festive tone of voice too!

Paperlust's wedding invitations are versatile and overall beautiful. The design options range from light tones of stock to dark elements, along with different varieties in envelope colors. For the sweet desertic theme, Paperlust offers peach or pink pastel tones - perfect for showcasing cactuses that have tiny flowers against a darker green backdrop!


Paperlust is a custom invitation design service that lets you create an original, unique wedding or other event invite. You can save time and money by ordering online! Paperlust ships globally for free on orders over $300 USD.