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How to choose your dark green wedding invitations.

Green could be considered a neutral tone; it works great with any other colors and is versatile enough to be part of daytime and evening weddings. If you are looking for the right shade of green to add to your wedding color palette, we are certain dark green is the best choice, especially for evening and formal celebrations. 

When you start looking for your dark green wedding invitations, consider the following: 

- Choose a color that matches the rest of your wedding décor. 

- Add a contrasting color to keep it balanced. 

- Consider a metallic color for small details and to add sophistication. 

- Pick a pattern or design that flows with your wedding theme and location. 


After finding the right design from Paperlust, you can customize your wedding invites with our editing tool. You can change the wording, add photos, and drop and drag elements here. If you wish to change colors or elements from a design, you can add a special request, and our design team will review it. For unique designs, a custom order is the best way to go. We also offer free white premium envelopes. You can choose one of our specialty colored envelopes at an extra cost.