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The photography collection of our beautiful wedding cards, wedding stationery and invites.

Coral Wedding Invitations

Coral wedding invitations are a way to showcase vibrancy and colour - reflecting your fun personality and the great time you’re going to have celebrating your marriage. For example, navy and coral wedding invitations are a great example of destination wedding invitations whereas coral and white can create simple wedding invitations with a focus on typography.

We encourage being creative and thinking outside the box when shopping for wedding invitations online, so if you’re feeling a bit stuck for inspiration here are some of our favourite coral colour combinations:

  • Coral and navy wedding invitations
  • Coral and gold wedding invitations
  • Coral and grey wedding invitations
  • Coral and mint wedding invitations
  • Coral and turquoise wedding invitations
  • Coral and gray wedding invitations

So at the end of the day whether it’s navy blue and coral wedding invitations or coral and teal wedding invitations, try to create a consistent colour scheme across the entire wedding for the most sophisticated look possible.

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