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Cinderella Wedding Invitations

When you live a fairytale engagement, you want your wedding to be just as magical as your love story. And if you are a big Cinderella fan, why not incorporate the theme into your celebration. There are many ways you can reflect on your love for Cinderella while keeping your invitations formal and classic. 

You can choose a paper in the iconic blue tone of Cenedella's dress and combine it with a luxurious real foil printing in silver or gold. Or if you prefer a calligraphy lettering with tones of blue, white, and black. Raised foil and letterpress are two amazing options for this theme. Raised foil adds texture to your classic foil finish. Letterpress has a vintage and timeless look. 

Wedding invitations should always include basic and useful information. You want your guests to know how they should dress, the time they should arrive, and if they can have a companion or take their kids to your event. Keep your wording formal and clear to avoid any misunderstandings. 

Include both sets of parent's names, couple names, ceremony location, time, and date. Any information regarding post-ceremony celebration such as location, cocktail hour, dinner hour, and dress code. Be clear regarding who is invited. If you plan a no-kids wedding, it is best to write Mr. and Mrs. (last name) rather than The (last name) Family. 

If you want to have a communication channel with your guests to provide more information and solve any questions, you can always add your wedding website to your invitation. Some of the information you should avoid writing in your invitations is the wedding registry. It is best if you upload those details to your wedding website.