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Chinese Wedding Invitations & Bilingual Wedding Invitations

No colour epitomises Chinese wedding invitations quite like vibrant, eye catching red - mix it with gold, white or black and you have a winning combination. While traditional Chinese wedding invitations can be great, there’s no need to feel boxed in when choosing wedding stationery. Modern Chinese style wedding invitations can incorporate aspects of Chinese culture while also expressing your unique style (i.e. humorous wording).

Chinese wedding invitations wording can be tricky, depending on which culture is more dominant for you as a couple. Many couples want bilingual Chinese English wedding invitations. In this instance, know your audience. For an almost all English speaking audience, choose Chinese English wedding invitations that have everything in both languages (couples usually do it line for line). If however, you are confident that every guest can read both languages, you could opt for half and half. Still not sure? Search online for a Chinese wedding invitations wording template or base your wording off one of the Chinese wedding invitations templates on our site.

Thinking of doing DIY simple wedding invitations in Chinese style? While homemade wedding invite projects can be fun and cost-saving, you’re probably better off saving yourself the stress and selecting Paperlust Chinese invitations for your wedding. Browse our exclusive collection and start customising your chosen design today.