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Celtic Wedding Invitation

Irish wedding invitations are often characterised by the colour green and repeating celtic patterns. Their complex ornamental design references history and adds a sense of gravity to your already-important nuptials. You can opt for a classic look or customise your own modern wedding invitations in a celtic theme using our interactive online design tool.

  • There are many variations of celtic wedding invitations, such as:
  • Celtic knot wedding invitations
  • Celtic cross wedding invitations (great for Catholic and Christian weddings)
  • Celtic tree of life wedding invitations
  • Medieval celtic themed wedding invitations

Choose from one of these ideas or get extra creative and make your own custom design. It’s all about celebrating the love that you and your partner have. Celtic wedding invitations are all about art, love and most of all, culture. Browse our Celtic wedding invitations templates to find one that truly represents the two of you.